The Hat

One cannot live without their hat!

This project was the final project for my Game Design course at University.

The Hat

The Hat is a 2D platform game that integrates various styles of gameplay with a simple, and unique storyline. It attempts to relive the period of 2D platform games where games such as Super Mario Bros, and Sonic the Hedgehog dominated the market. These games have also served as inspiration for the creation of The Hat.

The game revolves around a hero's quest to retrieve a stolen hat. The hat in and of itself has no significance for the world or the universe. It is merely a hat, which was stolen from the hero on their way to work one morning.

Within the game are various styles of gameplay based on the usual 2D platform. These include evasion, a flying section, the usual platform jumping and the game also incorporates weaponry during the later stages of the game.


  1. Download The Hat.
  2. Control and other instructions are including in the game.
  3. Enjoy!

The Hat was a joint venture between myself, Anthony Lee and Jay Roxas. All sprites and sounds are taken from various sources and are credited within the game.