22 November 2007 - 11:30

I know it's been about a bazillion years since I've done anything to this site, but that will be changing soon. I have a few projects about to kick off, both animation and web design wise, and to fully showcase these, I'll be redesigning this site to make it look more professional and slick. I'm currently at the preliminary design stage, and hopefully in the next couple weeks or so, I'll have that design finished, and then start porting the current look using the new design and also coding the whole thing a lot better.

17 June 2006 - 18:30

Here is the model in final form with texturing. It uses a simple Lambert shader with granite bump mapping to give that rock kind of feel as well as granite textures for the colouring. I also used a very faint blue directional light for that "night" look. All in all, I'm pretty proud of this model, and it's good to know I still have some polygonal modelling skills up my sleeve. Now onto learning some more NURBS modelling skills so I can make more than a cup.

Final Statue Model - Textured

17 June 2006 - 16:30

Here is the model in final form without texturing. I will start learning how to texture now, and will put up the final image soon.

Final Statue Model - Untextured

14 June 2006 - 22:00

I've started learning Maya 7 and have begun regaining my polygonal modelling skills. After creating my short animation, it's just a matter of dusting off the old skills again and learning the new tools that are available. I found this image online and wanted to actually model Goliath (the actual character), but before going into something that difficult I figure I better first create the sculpture that he is standing on.

Goliath Moon

And here are some images of the model as they currently are. It's amazing what you can create from a simple six-sided box and then deforming it to no end. Of course, there is still much work to be done.

Basic Statue Model 01 - Untextured Basic Statue Model 02 - Textured

22 May 2006 - 23:15

You may also have noticed a new project: Dreams. As of this moment, I am not releasing too many details about it except that it is inspired by Akira Kurosawa's Dreams and my own imagination. I will continually update that section when I can.

22 May 2006 - 21:52

I've decided to create a news section to let users be aware of what actually is changing on the site. As you may or may not have noticed, the projects on the side have been condensed so that when I add future projects, the side bar does not become excessively long. Now it's all nice and neat.