3D Game Engine

Find your way through the atmospheric and haunting maze, evading the enemy and making your way to the exit.

This 3D game engine was created by myself using OpenGL in C++ during my Game Programming course at university. This engine is the culmination of an entire semester worth of work and hardcore coding. Creating this engine was incredibly hard work, but I am glad how it eventually turned out, that is, a LOT better than I thought I could ever possibly achieve.

3D Game Engine

While developing the engine, rather than having a simple, pretty environment to look at, I opted for a darker, more atmospheric world. By adding darker textures, moody music, flickering lights, and blood-red fog, I think I accomplished this goal quite well.

The objective of the game is to make your way through the dense fog and various obstacles to escape the dungeon. There is a map available to you but there is also a limited amount of time to navigate the maze.

For an added challenge: On your first try through the maze, try playing without the map.


  1. Download the 3D Game Engine.
  2. Extract the zip file (it will automatically create a folder for you).
  3. Double-click "dungeon.exe" to begin the game.
  4. Enjoy!

For further instructions, such as controls and various other options available to you, refer to "Readme.txt".