Welcome to the homepage of Anthony Panuccio!

On this site, you will find information about myself and various projects that I have worked on and completed. This is my first serious attempt at a personal website that displays all the work I have been involved with to display it to whomever wishes to see it, whether it is family, friends, employers, or users casually browsing the Internet.

Below is a quick site map to give you a brief glimpse as to what's on the site.

Have fun looking around the site and trying out some of the things I've made and I hope you enjoy your stay.


Site Map

The page you are on now.
For the latest developments concerning myself and my projects.
A short history on myself, my interests and the future.
Description of various skills I have and how I have applied them.
Feel free to sign my guestbook and post your comments on the site.
Contact Me
Have a question? Email me.
Descriptions are given on the sidebar. All these projects I either completed on my own, or had a large part in.